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To: The EU Parliament - English

From: The Common Ground Committee of Kurdish Political Parties in Belgium17122014pe-manifestation 2

We, the Common Ground Committee of Kurdish Political parties in Belgium, urge EU parliament to take proper and effective action in order to save the lives of Kurdish political prisoners in Iran. The prisoners have now been on a hunger strike for 28 days in Urmia`s central prison. The reason behind this unwanted action comes from the way that Iranian regime is dealing with prisoners’ rights. Our request of the EU originates from the tragic situation of political prisoners and to show our solidarity with their demands in order to save their lives. 

It is nearly 20 months into the presidency of Hassan Rohani, but, despite of his promise to improve the human rights situation, human rights are still being violated.  Regardless of the constant appeals of civil society and the politically concerned inside the country and opposition groups outside of Iran for the government to stop abusing human rights, the regime is still insisting on its dictatorial policy and inhuman practices. Indeed, it seems that the regime is even ignoring the recommendations it had accepted during the first URR cycle in 2010 and 2014.

Violations of human rights are deeply rooted in Iran`s political system, an example being the way the regime deals with marginalized and suppressed nations such as the Kurds, Arabs, and the Baluch. The UN special reporter Ahmad Shaheed rightly stated that no progress has been made in eliminating discrimination based on gender, religion and ethnicity".

At present, 29 Kurdish political prisoners are on hunger strike to highlight once again how the regime is ignoring and abusing their personal rights as political prisoners. The main reasons that lead them to put their life in unpredictable situation are.

1-      They have to be treated as political prisoners

2-      They must be separated from criminal prisoners

3-      They must not be separated from their comrades and having them replaced drug dealers and addicts, murders, and persons sentenced to life imprisonment.

These demands are completely compatible with Iranian criminal law. However, the regime dos not care even about its law. According to the first article of that law, the cells and the prison environment have to be based on the age, gender, kind of crime, and health status of prisoners.  

The hunger strike started on 20 November 2014 in order to highlight that their situation in prison is entirely illegal. They have already passed 28 days, which has made them vulnerable to physical and health problem. According to local reports from their families and others, some of them are already suffering from health issues.

Therefore, we are desperately asking that serious attention be given to their situation by the European Parliament and the international community.  We ask that pressure be put on the Iranian regime to stop it from abusing the rights of political prisoners, particularly those are on hunger strike in the prison in Oromia. Indeed, the protection of human rights all around world and the priority of human rights in its own external relations are fundamental and categorical principles of the EU and the lawmakers of the EU. Saving the lives of the Kurdish political prisoners requires your attention. Let their voice resonate around the world and let the Iranian regime know that the EU parliament and the international community support these prisoners’ legal and legitimate demands.

Common Ground Committee of Kurdish Political Parties in Belgium

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